Little Black Dog Wine - Trandos Estate

Around 180 years ago, the Swan Valley saw its first vines planted. Making the Swan Valley wine region one of the most compelling places to take in Australia’s rich and oldest winemaking history. The Swan Valley wine region wine styles are iconic not only in Western Australia, but internationally, with rich, fruit forward reds and light, fresh, simple whites, easy drinking personalities to be able to age significantly, even for decades.

The Swan Valley was spotted in 1827 by Captain James Stirling prior to the official settlement of Western Australia. Upon realisation of the rich soils within the Valley, livestock farming was quickly introduced, forming large estates. After farming had begun in this region, English botanist Thomas Waters recognised the warm climate within the region ‘would produce wines of quality”. As a result, he planted an olive tree in South Guildford, which is today located in the heart of the Swan Valley.

Following both World Wars, Europeans from Eastern Europe and Italy flooded the region. They brought their skills and knowledge of wine from Europe and pushed the area further towards what it is today. Compared to the other wine regions of Australia, Swan Valley is the most similar to those found in Southern Europe. By the time the second World War was over, Swan Valley was the largest wine region in Australia.

All of our wines are single vineyard estate. Our vineyard is situated in Western Australia’s oldest wine growing region, The Swan Valley. We fell in love with the history of the region and its solid reputation for its wines. As we live on the vineyard we are in tune with what is going on a daily basis. Our vines are over 30 years old and we employ best practice viticulture techniques such as minimal spraying, organic composting, and canopy management to produce optimal fruit. All the hard work and attention to detail in the vineyard ensures that the fruit for our wines is full of avour and shows distinct, varietal and regional character. The growing conditions of Swan Valley are ideal for producing premium wine of exceptional character, quality and longevity.

The vines on our property are over 30 years old and we grow 14 different variety of grape.

Each year as harvest rolls around we thoroughly inspect which grape we believe is growing the best and make wine from it. As you can see from our range of wine, we don’t stock the same wine each year. Some years we only produce 2 wines, and others we may do 6! We also only release the wines to public when they are ready. We are a complete grape to bottle winery and fully immersed in each process.