Little Black Dog Wine - Trandos Estate

Our Story

The history of Trandos Estates dates back to the Old Country, when Naum Trandos first planted his vineyard in the rich soils of Pozdivishte, Macedonia. By his side was his best friend, The Little Black Dog. Together they planted, harvested, bottled and delivered the delicious wine. The Little Black Dog was well recognised and loved in the town, and although a little bit cheeky, he was everyones favourite playful friend.

Our family emigrated to Australia in 1930 and went straight into what we knew, agriculture! The vines on our property are over 30 years old and we grow 14 different variety of grape. Being a boutique winery we have the luxury of picking only the best grapes to make premium high quality and rare wine. We only use our grapes from our vineyard, and we sell the other grapes to other wineries around Western Australia.

Each year as harvest rolls around we inspect which grape we believe is growing the best and make wine from it. As you can see from our range of wine, we don’t stock the same wine each year. Some years we only produce 2 wines, and others we may do 6! We also only release the wines to public when they are ready. We are a complete grape to bottle winery and fully immersed in each process.

We thrive in making fine wines that enrich the taste&soul.